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About Us

Our Approach

Hope Gel® provides vital, life-saving nutrients to those suffering from malnutrition – and provides the essential human element of hope to let those impacted know that someone cares. Hope Gel promotes awareness and then a venue for diverse groups of all ages and backgrounds to come together and create solutions.

Providing Nutrition:

The Hope Gel® approach to providing nutrition includes several key steps:

  • Identification of Need
  • Verification of safe, monitored administration
  • Determination of what product is needed, and how much is needed
  • Delivery of product through shipment, hand delivery and administration, or partnering with distribution channels

Every Hope Gel product is of the highest quality, has a long shelf-life, and travels well. Our products are easy to administer, the packaging is creative and bright, and the formulations are great tasting…it’s no wonder kids love to consume them!

Providing Hope:

The positive physiological and psychological effects of hope are well-documented. Hope is the substance of change, recovery and healing. Hope promotes healthy behaviors and the will to take care of ourselves and others.

Providing hope sets us apart from others and contributes to the efficacy of our program.

Hope Gel® leads an outreach effort that raises awareness and funds. In addition to traditional fundraising, we have created unique opportunities to raise awareness and for others to get involved. We inspire people to join a commitment to community and social responsibility through programs such as Athletes for Hope Gel, Hope Gel Kids Helping Kids, Hope Day, Mitzvah projects, and more.

The collective result is a resounding Hope Gel message to those in need. The message is, “You are not alone; thousands of people have come together to support you. You are important; we care about your life and your future.” Through Hope Gel’s special way of giving, we inspire hope.

Hope Gel® is Only the Beginning

Hope Gel believes that the nutrition and hope we provide is a starting point. When someone receives a Hope Gel product, that person is considered “Hope Gel Family”. Through our contacts in the areas we serve, we follow Hope Gel Families to the extent that we can and when they are out of medical danger, our goal is to ensure they continue on a path of health and in turn can help others.

We have established ties between US Samaritans365 Clubs and Hope Gel Families overseas, and we have created overseas Samaritans365 clubs. Through Samaritans365, Hope Gel Families learn about kindness, how to take care of themselves and then give back to others. We also aim to support Hope Gel Families with education and scholarship assistance.