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Our Reach

Hope Gel®, Inc. was started by loading a few cases of Hope Gels into a van and shipping them to Haiti via a local air transport company. Hope Gel has grown case by case through the tireless efforts of the entire Hope Gel Team. In February of 2016, Hope Gel partnered with Food For The Poor and through their extensive distribution network, tens of thousands of Hope Gels are being distributed in Haiti and Guatemala to feed starving children.

Hope Gel plans to continue expanding its outreach through its partnership with Food For The Poor and their network, which reaches a total of 17 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Although Hope Gel started in Haiti, a top priority is to begin distributing Hope Gels to feed malnourished children right here in the U.S. – an endeavor which is in the works.

Please  help us spread the  word about Hope Gel through social media, donate  any amount if you can, or just continue to follow  us.