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Hope Gel® Fundraisers & Projects

As an Ambassador of Hope Gel®, you can raise awareness or funds in many ways. Here are some ways your kids can be become Ambassadors for Hope Gel:

  • Organize a “Day of Hope” (click and get a dialogue box that reads: Challenge yourself, a group of friends or co-workers, your family, or school for a day: Instead of buying a second cup of coffee, a pack of gum, a meal out or non-essential food items, put the amount of money for those items aside and donate it to Hope Gel. Share your story on social media and inspire others to follow your lead! )
  • Host a Fundraiser or Gala with proceeds to Hope Gel
  • Sponsor an Awareness Luncheon
  • Start a GO Fund Me Page

Contact us for ideas and support to help your kids create projects and fundraisers to erase severe acute malnutrition!