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Hope Gel® RUTF

Hope Gel® RUTF

Hope Gel® provides vital, life-saving nutrients to those suffering from malnutrition – and provides the essential human element of hope to let those impacted know that someone cares. Hope Gel promotes awareness and then a venue for diverse groups of all ages and backgrounds to come together and create solutions.


RUTF is suitable for any person 6 months and upwards in age, suffering from severe acute malnutrition. For use, simply knead the sachet, open and eat.

Breastfeeding is recommended until 24 months (exclusively until 6 months).
RUTF has to be prescribed and initiated by a trained health and nutrition professional only. RUTF should not be shared with other members of the family.

RUTF shall be used according to the national protocols on the management of SAM. If there is no national protocol, standard regimen is 200 kcal/kg/day per child for an average period of 6 to 8 weeks. For more details on dosage and length of treatment refer to  existing international and national guidelines.


Store RUTF in a cool, dry place below 30o C, away from direct sunlight.
We recommend using within 24 months of the manufacture date printed on the sachet.

Stacking pallets is NOT recommended.

Nutritional Information

peanuts, sugar, dairy solids (from milk), one or more of the following: canola, palm, and/or soy oil; vitamin/mineral mix, distilled hydrogenated monoglycerides, lecithin.
Contains allergens: peanuts, milk and milk products (including lactose)

Average Nutritional Value – Per Sachet (500 Kcal, 92g)
Proteins: 12.5 g

Lipids: 29.0 g

Vitamins: A (.74-1.1 mg), D (13.8-18.4 mcg), E (>18.4 mg), C (>46 mg), B1 (>0.46 mg), B2 (>1.5 mg), B6 (>0.55 mg), B12 (>1.5 mcg), K (13.8-27.6 mcg), B7 (>55.2 mcg), B9 (>184 mcg), B5 (>2.8 mg), B3 (>4.6 mg).

Minerals: Calcium (276-552 mg), Phosphorus (276-552 mg), Potassium (1021-1288 mg), Magnesium (74-128.8 mg), Sodium (< 267mg), Zinc (10.1-12.88 mg), Iron (9.2-12.88 mg), Copper (1.3-1.7 mg), Iodine (64.4-128.8 mcg), Selenium (18.4-36.8 mcg)